Honey sold by weight at Auchan

16 July 2021

It turns out that honey can also be sold by weight.

The shopper does not pour the product, though, but has standard sizes of previously filled jars to choose from. The honey itself has been divided into 3 price segments. In this case, it is more of a marketing gimmick. Unfortunately, the main communication regarding the price is focused only on the most expensive honey, which weakens the attractiveness of the promotion as a whole.

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Rossmann - additional sales

23 July 2019

Rossmann is looking for opportunities to make additional sales

The drugstore chain once again proves that while looking for opportunities to increase sales, it is possible to improve the standard offer, but also to offer products that are usually present in other stores.

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PROMO ROI based on execution level

07 February 2019

While using photo recognition technology to control the quality of promo execution in retail chains for the largest FMCG companies, it often turns out that the average level of actual implementation is at 30% and sometimes even reaches 15%. Obviously, this generates losses for both producers, lowering their Promo ROI and also for retailers who lose the margin and trust of a shopper who does not find promotional products on the shelves. Thanks to the use of our systems, such as PRO.Display, the level of promotion implementation by our clients increases 2-3 times.

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Promotional Sale ???

07 January 2019

Standing in front of the shelf with promotions in the store, we often see a resultant of 2 different approaches - Producer and Retailer.

From the Producer's side, the activities are planned by marketing and Trade Marketing, which form a calendar of activities for KAM, who in turn negotiates with the buyer of the Retailer.

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Rossmann sells fertilizers and seeds

16 May 2018

All chains are looking for additional sales and an increase in the shopping basket. Some look through the categories complementary to the products already present, and some look through the prism of their clients' profile.

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