Bacardi in-store activation

13 October 2020

The logic behind in-store activation means that the exposition should attract the attention of shoppers.

For secondary placement it is doubly important, because it requires additional trade marketing investments. The photo shows an excellent example of the Bacardi brand's activity, which cannot be overlooked, and also fits the entertaining DNA of the brand.

TAGI: trademarketing, prodisplay, ai, bacardi

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Multiplication of losses

06 October 2020

The lack of a proper display seems to be a minor problem - after all, the goods are on the shelves in the store and will be bought.

Unfortunately, the losses pile up in the short and long term:

TAGI: trademarketing, photorecognition, prodisplay, retail, ai, fmcg

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In-store activation by Felix

24 September 2020

Another new exposition captured by the AI algorithms of our PRO.Display application, used to control expositions in stores.

Felix has communicated various forms of consumption of its product on the sides of the display stand in an interesting way. Only the form of the jar seems to be a little overwhelming to the overall attractiveness of the image.

TAGI: trademarketing, prodisplay, ai, felix, intersnack

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In-store activation control by AI

17 September 2020

Once again we present the possibilities of exposition control with the use of Artificial Intelligence algorithms supporting our photo recognition systems.

It controls, among others: the presence of defined SKUs, stock level, planograms, the presence of appropriate POSM, and finally price communication.

TAGI: trademarketing, pringles, prodisplay, ai

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Promotional activities execution - business case

15 September 2020

Two or three years ago, “Artificial Intelligence” became a very popular term in the business environment, including the retail industry. The term is very trendy, but how is Artificial Intelligence really applied and how does it translate into business results?

We have been using Artificial Intelligence for many years now as part of our PRO.Display tool, which is used for exposition control at points of sale, and we have carried out dozens of projects with our clients over that period. Based on this experience, we have decided to share some of the business benefits that we have observed during these implementations.

TAGI: trademarketing, photorecognition, prodisplay, ai, businesscase

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