Save money by investing in AI and Photo Recognition technology

PRO Business Solutions
PRO Business Solutions
27 January 2023

Cost cutting is the most common response to a crisis.

Meanwhile, producers and retailers have to sell their products to survive, and investing in Photo Recognition systems such as PRO.Display allows companies to maximize sales while minimizing losses.

How is it possible? By controlling the correctness of in-store expositions – both the products themselves and the price and marketing communication – we can have a real impact on its actual appearance.

Results? The shopper notices our products, supported by POSM materials. The staff is accountable for the facts, not what is said or the fact that they are simply at work. Products are placed on the proper shelves, not in a warehouse or obscured by competitors' products.

After all, when evaluating the activities carried out, the conclusions drawn are based on what the shopper comes across in the store, and not on someone's idea of what it should be like. The greatest savings are based on the optimization of investments and controlling the implementation of activities.


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