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AI stirs the Tech Giants’ pot

20 February 2023

For years Google was at the forefront of AI research and its application. Their search engine has the largest market share (about 85%!) to this day. But a change in the status quo can be seen on the horizon.

 💡 As the old saying goes, competition never sleeps. Microsoft’s Bing search engine is in a distant 2nd place, but with the decision to integrate ChatGPT therein, they might be able to turn the whole situation around. ChatGPT, created by OpenAI, is incredible on its own, as we discussed a few weeks back here. This integration could change the way we browse the web. Not only will we get the search results of our query, but also the exact answer to our prompt.

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Save money by investing in AI and Photo Recognition technology

27 January 2023

Cost cutting is the most common response to a crisis.

Meanwhile, producers and retailers have to sell their products to survive, and investing in Photo Recognition systems such as PRO.Display allows companies to maximize sales while minimizing losses.

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A business case about the effects of exposition control on quality

26 July 2022

One of our clients, a very large food corporation, has been using PRO.Display to control its exposition for several years now.

Each of its sales divisions deals with a different product category operating in the same stores. So far, both sales departments have implemented control with the use of photo recognition in 100% of the stores and achieved similar 90% correctness results.

Currently, one of the departments has remained at 100% control, while the other has reduced it to 30% of the store population. Interestingly, the first one recorded an increase in exposition parameters of almost 5 percentage points, while at the same time, the second one recorded a decrease of -20 p.p. in exposition quality.

This just goes to show how important it is to control expositions in stores on a large scale, and the best and cheapest tools for doing so are Photo Recognition systems such as PRO.Display.

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PRO.Display Expert's comment – finding the key KPIs to measure is crucial

16 May 2022

Distribution and exposition are among the most critical parameters that sales departments in every company are accountable for.

Of course, the main goal is to maximize product sales, since eventually the shopper has to see our product on the shelf to buy it. To achieve this, the product must be in an easily accessible place, in the correct quantity, and with a visible price tag.

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It takes more than tools to build a house

28 April 2022

PRO.Display is not just a photo recognition tool, but also comes with the support of our experts, who bring many years of experience working in manufacturing corporations and on consulting projects to the table.

Business requires the highest understanding and appreciation of the challenges inherent in the FMCG industry. Our experts bring this value right from the start. Contrary to the frequently encountered consulting model, they do not get to know the characteristics of the business during the project itself - they are aware of such needs through their own experience.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, probspl, ai, fmcg

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