Innovation in Pet Trade

17 October 2019

It turns out that we can even find inspiration in an innovative approach to the sales market in pet shops.

The "My Family" Brand has introduced an entire concept of selling their "identifiers" for pets. Wanting to sell products with a higher margin, they have drawn on the experience of jewellers. They have designed a "more expensive" line of ID tags, even with Swarovski crystals, ready for personalization thanks to the installation of an engraving machine, which you can program yourself, in their shops as part of the set.

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Christmas has arrived at Lidl

15 October 2019

Each year we observe attempts to maximize the best sales period for shops, namely Christmas.

This year, Lidl broke another record because the first Christmas expositions appeared around 10 October. Interestingly, the season was launched with its own label Favorina, or more precisely, the expositor in the shape of a Christmas tree, decorated with chocolate baubles.

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Food store quality

10 October 2019

When it comes to expositions, it turns out that there are a few simple steps which owners of grocery stores can take to influence the overall perception of their offer.

Studies show that there are several selected product categories which customers perceive as an indicator of the quality of the offer. These are mainly fresh products such as “fruit and vegetables”, “meat and cold cuts” , “bread” and “dairy”. Obviously, the sooner the customer appreciates the quality of the shop, the better. That is why the exposition at the entrance to the shop is so important. The “Stokrotka” supermarket chain has decided to display “fruit and vegetables” there, and importantly, it is clear that the chain remembers to ensure that the quality of products and the level of filling the shelves should be constantly maintained at a very high level.

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Bayer in Pet Trade

08 October 2019

Bayer in Pet Trade - Bayer, which we all know from pharmacies and veterinary clinics, is also active in pet shops.

In addition to the obvious desire to distinguish its own products at the point of sale, Bayer has an additional challenge in pet shops - legal regulations which require that the product cannot be directly available to customers and only professionally trained personnel may make it available. It turns out that even such big challenges were not an obstacle in preparing a great exposition stand.

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Maspex store activation

03 October 2019

Shop expositions are particularly important when it comes to products for children, especially when accompanied by a promotion and particularly in “instant win” form when the buyer can receive a prize just after making a purchase.

The key points for such exposition are - place; distinctiveness; proper communication; and one of the least appreciated elements, which is properly communicated price. Studies show that promotions without price information have up to 50% lower sales.

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