TOP advanced display

16 January 2020

Belvedere’s trade marketing department has proved that being a luxury brand is not only about the product but also its exposition, which is supposed to support such positioning.

TAGI: btl, prodisplay, storeactivation, belvedere

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Milka “in-store theatre”

14 January 2020

In the scope of supporting its novelty “darkmilk”, Milka introduced a highly modern POSM "in-store theatre" set, which consists of a topper, shelf liners, dividers, a floor sticker and is also backlighted.

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, prodisplay, instoreactivation, imagerecognition, milka

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Pet Trade ROI on a stand

09 January 2020

Communication with the customer is very important for all producers.

Hence LCD screens sometimes appear next to expositions. The idea is perfect, combining the product, communication, point of sale and the shopper in one place.

TAGI: photorecognition, storeactivation, pettrade, furminator

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Mars exposition ROI

07 January 2020

In building the strength of brands and individual products, manufacturers are fighting for the best exposition in shops.

Promotional expositions play a key role here. Unfortunately, they are associated with high costs, e.g. for space and POSM production. An additional risk is the quality of the actual exposition in the shop. The solution is cardboard stands, which are often pre-stocked and guarantee integrated communication.

TAGI: Shopper, trademarketing, mars, probspl, instoreactivation, imagerecognition

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„Positive shop”

02 January 2020

The name of this store, located at the Greek Island of Kos, conveys everything that we have been writing about for so many years.

It’s a place where a shopper feels comfortable, products are easy to find and service is delivered in high quality. These merits are applicable both to e-commerce and traditional stores and they are something we would like to wish to everyone and ourselves in the year 2020 that has just begun.

TAGI: prodisplay, probspl, instoreactivation

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