Petrol Stations

31 March 2020


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Rossmann - demand planning

27 March 2020

Demand planning, besides ensuring staff in shops, is currently one of the biggest challenges for retailers.

In an instant, shoppers’ shopping preferences have changed, and the assumptions on which existing sales planning algorithms are based - reliable historical data and the list of suppliers – are no longer valid.

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Unusual circumstances require unusual solutions

20 March 2020

The new situation has changed the type of contact with customers. Pharmacies, as places where sick people come together, have exceptional challenges in current circumstances.

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12 March 2020

Maximizing the impulse to shop.

As many as two-thirds of sweets are bought impulsively, and the final product selection takes place right in front of the shelf. Well, maybe it is better to stimulate this, instead of offering the possibility to choose any flavor composition of chocolates in any individualized amount.

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Carlsberg “Kasztelan” beer store activation

10 March 2020

Once again it turned out that the idea is the foundation of marketing.

In order to support the image of local, unpasteurized beer, a pallet wrap coated with fabric resembling a jute sack was used as a part of the exposition.

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