Goplana in-store activation

18 June 2020

An interesting example of communication of an umbrella brand and the exposition of product groups with various consumer benefits.

To keep the communication clear, different communication has been placed on every side of the expositor, and the topper holds it all together.

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, goplana, colian

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SYNERGY in In-Store Activation

16 June 2020

Mutual strengthening of activity at the point of sale.

Asahi, together with the marketing department of the Tyskie brand, have prepared a model expositor for a well-known brand, with strong ATL support.

TAGI: prodisplay, asahi, instoreactivation, circlek, tyskie

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Own-brand innovation?

08 June 2020

Own-brand innovation? Most certainly!

One such example is a very interesting cardboard stand prepared by Kaufland for their own brand "Bevola". The innovation consists of improving the visibility of products from the sides of the stand.

TAGI: btl, prodisplay, storeactivation, kaufland, bevola

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“New & Limited edition” & “in&out” in one

04 June 2020

The attractiveness of the offer can be based on the strength of the brand, the uniqueness of the offer or the selection of products that complement each other.

This is possible for multibrand corporations, and even easier for an independent distributor.

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, lotos

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Coca Cola Energy in-store activation

02 June 2020

In 2019 Coca Cola introduced something new on the energy drinks market under its own umbrella brand.

This year, their presence in shops is strengthened with interesting stands for canned drinks, which allow the exposition to go beyond the drinks category. It increases the number of potential connections with shoppers and additionally hits their target through expositions of complementary categories.

TAGI: cocacola, prodisplay, instoreactivation

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