KPI execution - business case

20 October 2020

How does Artificial Intelligence support searching for growth in mature organizations?

The template for business development looks very similar in most production companies. With product development and marketing as the foundation, it is then necessary to firstly build the distribution of products, and then take care of the quality of the exposition. This means that we start by getting our product to the point of sale, and then we have to make sure that the shopper sees it in the store, preferably in the right place and neighborhood, and with the right communication. The store’s “shelf” is the spot where the act of purchasing takes place, and which builds the real strength of our products and companies.

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Multiplication of losses

06 October 2020

The lack of a proper display seems to be a minor problem - after all, the goods are on the shelves in the store and will be bought.

Unfortunately, the losses pile up in the short and long term:

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Promotional activities execution - business case

15 September 2020

Two or three years ago, “Artificial Intelligence” became a very popular term in the business environment, including the retail industry. The term is very trendy, but how is Artificial Intelligence really applied and how does it translate into business results?

We have been using Artificial Intelligence for many years now as part of our PRO.Display tool, which is used for exposition control at points of sale, and we have carried out dozens of projects with our clients over that period. Based on this experience, we have decided to share some of the business benefits that we have observed during these implementations.

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Display in line with consumer trends

21 August 2020

Display that supports the attributes of the product is crucial in retail.

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Artificial Intelligence supporting promotional activities

18 August 2020

Modern technologies are boldly entering the world of FMCG promotions.

The combination of AI and Photo Recognition systems allows us to control the quality of expositions with incredible precision. Applications such as PRO.Display can identify a new SKU in a photo, distinguish it from the standard one, recognize the correct POSM placement and the presence of price communication.

TAGI: trademarketing, photorecognition, prodisplay, ai, fmcg

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