Out of coverage stores – a business case

01 September 2022

Along with the growing financial expectations of retail chains, many of our clients ask themselves:

“Since I have a contract with a retail chain that guarantees the distribution and proper exposition of my products, maybe I should withdraw my sales representatives from its stores as part of P&L optimization?”. This question is perfectly legitimate for at least two reasons:

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Case 3: What does it mean when we say that the promotion is present in stores?

11 August 2022

Let's start with a series of very important business questions which are often asked, but not always with fully defined control KPIs, leading to incorrect conclusions and financial losses:

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, retail, ai, artificialintelligence, promotion

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Mondelez confirmed the utility of PRO.Display and the Photo Recognition technology which it uses

02 February 2022

We are very pleased to announce that PRO.Display has received a highly favourable references from our long-time Client, whom we have been supporting as part of the ongoing control of in-store expositions since 2016. 

 During this time we have controlled over 2,000,000 KPIs, providing Mondelez with reliable data.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, probspl, ai, artificialintelligence, mondelez

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The number of KPIs controlled in 2021

13 January 2022

In 2021, the number of KPIs verified by PRO.Display increased by 48%!

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…And the word became the image

28 December 2021

While PRO.Display uses AI (Photo Recognition) to verify the KPIs of in-store expositions, others use it for a variety of different tasks.

Today we will look at an example from NVidia, which gives Artificial Intelligence the role of a creator rather than an analyst of existing data.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, ai, nvidia, artificialintelligence

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