m&m’s in Duty-Free Zone

13 February 2020

Duty-Free zones have come to symbolize places where the best global brands are sold.

TAGI: trademarketing, btl, prodisplay, probspl, instoreactivation, m&m's

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Russian Vodka in-store activation

11 February 2020

Brands that aspire to reach premium status, especially in the strong spirits segment, must emphasize their strength through the quality and size of their expositions.

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, alcohol, spirits, russianvodka

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Coca-Cola display

04 February 2020

The display must be conspicuous, as well as fitting as many products as possible, giving the shopper more choice, and should be easy to merchandise.

TAGI: cocacola, photorecognition, prodisplay, instoreactivation

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"Category captain" in Pet Trade

21 January 2020

"Category captain" is a concept which identifies a company that sets standards in its own product category. This applies to the level of new product solutions as well as the way they are displayed.

TAGI: trademarketing, prodisplay, probspl, instoreactivation, pettrade, bayer

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Milka “in-store theatre”

14 January 2020

In the scope of supporting its novelty “darkmilk”, Milka introduced a highly modern POSM "in-store theatre" set, which consists of a topper, shelf liners, dividers, a floor sticker and is also backlighted.

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, prodisplay, instoreactivation, imagerecognition, milka

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