Honey sold by weight at Auchan

16 July 2021

It turns out that honey can also be sold by weight.

The shopper does not pour the product, though, but has standard sizes of previously filled jars to choose from. The honey itself has been divided into 3 price segments. In this case, it is more of a marketing gimmick. Unfortunately, the main communication regarding the price is focused only on the most expensive honey, which weakens the attractiveness of the promotion as a whole.

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Coca-Cola & Fanta Frozen

09 July 2020

Seasons change and so do the offers of many refreshment brands.

Check out a very interesting example of seasonal portfolio extension by Coca-Cola. In Poland, the offer is available only at CircleK petrol stations as a part of the „Summer Hits” campaign.

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Innovation in Pet Trade

17 October 2019

It turns out that we can even find inspiration in an innovative approach to the sales market in pet shops.

The "My Family" Brand has introduced an entire concept of selling their "identifiers" for pets. Wanting to sell products with a higher margin, they have drawn on the experience of jewellers. They have designed a "more expensive" line of ID tags, even with Swarovski crystals, ready for personalization thanks to the installation of an engraving machine, which you can program yourself, in their shops as part of the set.

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