Impact of Exposition Quality on Sale in the store

30 April 2019

The Business Case of Coty.

Activity which has helped to increase the sales of Coty products: 20 percentage points in the Traditional Channel and 15 percentage points in the Modern Channel respectively, in addition to the organic growth of the category itself.

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Promo Mistake

16 April 2019

Allegro, the largest Polish online shopping website has launched its most significant promotional loyalty campaign - Allegro Smart.

Members of this program gained access to additional promotions, which are not available for regular users. However, the most important promotional campaigns always require additional attention from their organizer. In the picture, you can find an example where a product not subject to a price discount is presented as a special promotion for that day.

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PROMO ROI based on execution level

07 February 2019

While using photo recognition technology to control the quality of promo execution in retail chains for the largest FMCG companies, it often turns out that the average level of actual implementation is at 30% and sometimes even reaches 15%. Obviously, this generates losses for both producers, lowering their Promo ROI and also for retailers who lose the margin and trust of a shopper who does not find promotional products on the shelves. Thanks to the use of our systems, such as PRO.Display, the level of promotion implementation by our clients increases 2-3 times.

TAGI: promo, DOZ, photorecognition, prodisplay, Rossmann

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Multibuy PROMO

17 January 2019

It turns out that the mechanisms like "Buy more - you will get a discount" are popular not only in Poland but also in France.

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Promotional Sale ???

07 January 2019

Standing in front of the shelf with promotions in the store, we often see a resultant of 2 different approaches - Producer and Retailer.

From the Producer's side, the activities are planned by marketing and Trade Marketing, which form a calendar of activities for KAM, who in turn negotiates with the buyer of the Retailer.

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