SKU distribution verification

26 November 2020

The possibilities of PRO.Display are huge. One of the most popular parameters that our clients choose to control is product distribution.

Usually, the producer and retailer agree on a certain list of products to be available on shelves. With the use of PRO.Display, our clients can quickly verify if contracts are properly executed in stores.

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AI within PRO.Display

19 November 2020

Over 100 intelligent algorithms combined in a single structure

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, retail, aiinretail, ai, fmcg

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KPI execution - business case

20 October 2020

How does Artificial Intelligence support searching for growth in mature organizations?

The template for business development looks very similar in most production companies. With product development and marketing as the foundation, it is then necessary to firstly build the distribution of products, and then take care of the quality of the exposition. This means that we start by getting our product to the point of sale, and then we have to make sure that the shopper sees it in the store, preferably in the right place and neighborhood, and with the right communication. The store’s “shelf” is the spot where the act of purchasing takes place, and which builds the real strength of our products and companies.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, aiinretail, ai, businesscase, kpi

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Artificial Intelligence in Retail

09 April 2019

The retail sector has its eye on over 340 billion dollars of possible profits from projects based on artificial intelligence.

According to the latest report on a sample of 400 international retail chains prepared by Capgemini, there is over 340 billion dollars to be made through implementing projects based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

TAGI: photorecognition, retail, aiinretail, ai

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