In-store exposition control with the use of PRO.Display pays off

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
25 May 2023

Many clients, while considering using Photo Recognition to assess the quality of work done by their sales representatives, merchandising companies, or store chain staff, wonder what measurable benefits it will bring.

🔎 A recent example of the implementation of the PRO.Display system showed a significant qualitative change right from the word go.
📝 Using the classic declarative method of controlling the number of additional expositions implemented in stores, the client's sales department used to have difficulty even getting close to their monthly targets.
🦾 Now, when each exposition is verified on an ongoing basis with the use of Photo Recognition technology within PRO.Display, the target is reached less than 2 weeks after the project kick-off date.
🚀 Moreover, accurate information describing the specific quality KPIs of these expositions made it possible to start the second stage of the process, in which the client focused on the quality of the exposition itself (the right products and POSM).
🎯 The result of exposition control with the use of PRO.Display was a 167% increase in the dynamics of additional expositions' placement in stores. Additionally, each exposition is confirmed by photo evidence.


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