Monitor your in-store exposition

17 November 2023

Control your in-store exposition with the use of AI and Image Recognition technology harnessed into PRO.Display system. 

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In-store exposition control with the use of PRO.Display pays off

25 May 2023

Many clients, while considering using Photo Recognition to assess the quality of work done by their sales representatives, merchandising companies, or store chain staff, wonder what measurable benefits it will bring.

A recent example of the implementation of the PRO.Display system showed a significant qualitative change right from the word go.

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Expert commentary by Adam Beniowski

15 December 2022

I often wonder how companies that collect data on their in-store presence manually can make any business decisions at all.

🔎 At the 2018 Retail Summit, during our sharing session with speakers from Mars and Sandoz, we shared the following business case with the audience.
One of our clients had decided to measure its distribution performance while launching a new brand. The brand included 10 SKUs.
📝 During the first month of launch, our client measured distribution performance traditionally. By that, we mean using manually entered data from its sales reps.
📸 At the same time, those sales reps took photos during the same store visit, which were analyzed by our AI-supported image recognition system PRO.Display.

🎯 The intention was to deliver a new range of products to 2000 stores, and these stores were divided into 3 formats.
So a pretty simple case we had all encountered in our business lives while launching a new brand. The key here was a rare opportunity to compare manually entered data with automatic, or more accurately, AI-generated data.

📊 Results: the manual data was only 46% accurate. This meant errors in more than 50% of the reports. 97% of these errors came from manually adding more SKUs than were visible in the photos.

🗓 This has not changed over time. In 2022 we performed a similar test with another client; this time, the reports were 29% inaccurate. Slightly better, but still not good enough.

💡 How can you make reliable business decisions or draw conclusions from such highly corrupted data?

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TAGI: PhotoRecognition, ProDisplay, Probspl, AIinRetail, AI, fmcg, ImageRecognition, kpi, expositionquality

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“Walk a mile in one’s shoes before you give advice.” We’re here to tell you we have. Now, let’s talk.

08 December 2022

It’s up to you to choose: an experiment or an effective and quickly implemented project?

 It is worth using best practices acquired by our experts, who have not only implemented many projects with the use of Photo Recognition, but have also worked for many years in managerial positions in the best corporations in the world.
 Business requires the highest understanding and appreciation of the challenges inherent in the FMCG industry. Our experts bring this value right from the start. Contrary to the frequently encountered consulting model, they do not get to know the characteristics of the business during the project itself - they are aware of such needs through their own experience.

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A business case about the effects of exposition control on quality

26 July 2022

One of our clients, a very large food corporation, has been using PRO.Display to control its exposition for several years now.

Each of its sales divisions deals with a different product category operating in the same stores. So far, both sales departments have implemented control with the use of photo recognition in 100% of the stores and achieved similar 90% correctness results.

Currently, one of the departments has remained at 100% control, while the other has reduced it to 30% of the store population. Interestingly, the first one recorded an increase in exposition parameters of almost 5 percentage points, while at the same time, the second one recorded a decrease of -20 p.p. in exposition quality.

This just goes to show how important it is to control expositions in stores on a large scale, and the best and cheapest tools for doing so are Photo Recognition systems such as PRO.Display.

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