“Walk a mile in one’s shoes before you give advice.” We’re here to tell you we have. Now, let’s talk.

Adam Beniowski
Adam Beniowski
08 December 2022

It’s up to you to choose: an experiment or an effective and quickly implemented project?

 It is worth using best practices acquired by our experts, who have not only implemented many projects with the use of Photo Recognition, but have also worked for many years in managerial positions in the best corporations in the world.
 Business requires the highest understanding and appreciation of the challenges inherent in the FMCG industry. Our experts bring this value right from the start. Contrary to the frequently encountered consulting model, they do not get to know the characteristics of the business during the project itself - they are aware of such needs through their own experience.
The projects we deliver benefit from the shared experience of our whole consulting team, which includes Adam Beniowski – our CEO. On a day-to-day basis, Adam works with various brands as consultant, coach and trainer. The specific challenges faced by Key Account Managers for international chains are no mystery to him, as he has indeed walked a thousand miles in their shoes. Now, he is walking back to meet them with the answers.
We encourage you to check out Adam’s bio below.
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