Rossmann - additional sales

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
23 July 2019

Rossmann is looking for opportunities to make additional sales

The drugstore chain once again proves that while looking for opportunities to increase sales, it is possible to improve the standard offer, but also to offer products that are usually present in other stores.

The starting point is to focus on the shopper who already visits the chain stores. While the majority of the purchases are planned, some products which are outside the standard offer always increase the scope of purchases. If the products are attractive, available at good prices and supported by advertising campaigns, then you can expect visits from non-regular clientele and additional visits by standard customers.

This time the magnet for extra sales was “American Tourister” suitcases, and earlier Xiaomi phones and accessories.

If you'd like to download the high resolution photos click:photo1photo2.

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