PRO.Display verifies in-store reality

25 November 2021

While controlling various in-store activities for our Clients, our AI-based system registered an interesting off-shelf exposition.

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Photo Recognition supports the retailer

19 November 2021

Our experts know that the more you invest, the more you have to control the quality of the investment.

That's why, with such expensive expositions, it is good practice to control:

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Promo Exposition ROI

17 June 2021

When fighting for additional expositions it is worth synchronizing the level of care for the quality of 3 parameters:

  • the quality of POSM (promotional stands),
  • their placement in the store,
  • and proper stock level.

Then we maximize the main business parameter, i.e. ROI (Return on Investment). That's why it's worth checking how our activities turn out in reality (in-store). This can be done using AI and photo recognition systems such as PRO.Display.

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How to lower the ROI from an exposition?

06 April 2021

How to lower the ROI from an exposition? – Of course, it is not that difficult.

But there are a few key elements that influence it:

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ROI definition

07 March 2019

ROI is a symbol of corporate jargon and it means “Return On Investment”.

As you can see in the picture, life can be surprising. “Du ROI” is a brand of French cognac and it means “Royal”.

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