Carlsberg “Kasztelan” beer store activation

10 March 2020

Once again it turned out that the idea is the foundation of marketing.

In order to support the image of local, unpasteurized beer, a pallet wrap coated with fabric resembling a jute sack was used as a part of the exposition.

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MEGA Beer bottle from Carlsberg

02 July 2019

"300ml free" doesn’t impress much in the case of beer, unless we are dealing with a bottle of a regular size of 2 liters.

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Carrefour & Beer - the beer category is one of the most important sales categories, regardless of store size

02 April 2019

At Carrefour Polska hypermarkets, we found very well-thought-out POS material, developing the retailer's expertise in the beer category, while at the same time referring to current consumer trends. Communication emphasizes the naturalness of the product, through the use of the wooden background and shelves, the visualization of a copper-brewing installation and good quality beer, which should be created on the basis of 3 main components of water, hop and malt.

TAGI: POSM, supermarket, carrefour, beer

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Nielsen non-alcoholic beer + 80%

12 February 2019

In its latest report, Nielsen reported that the entire beer category in Poland in 2018 grew by 7.6%, while non-alcoholic beer by as much as + 80%. The question is whether this is the result of a strong consumer trend? The real reason was the strategic decision of Heineken (Grupa Żywiec) about a large investment in this category, supported by a large number of "0% Zone" refrigerators placed in the best places in the stores. So the real consumer trend was leveraged by the no.2 player and the rapid response of Asashi (Kompania Piwowarska), the beer market leader. The whole translated into a gigantic sub-category increase, while 2019 will show how much this will translate into a lasting consumer trend.

TAGI: zywiec, beer

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"Craft products" marketing

21 November 2018

Marketing of this type of products, forces the marketer to depart from most corporate habits.

Habits, but not the standard of marketing thinking.

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