Food store quality

10 October 2019

When it comes to expositions, it turns out that there are a few simple steps which owners of grocery stores can take to influence the overall perception of their offer.

Studies show that there are several selected product categories which customers perceive as an indicator of the quality of the offer. These are mainly fresh products such as “fruit and vegetables”, “meat and cold cuts” , “bread” and “dairy”. Obviously, the sooner the customer appreciates the quality of the shop, the better. That is why the exposition at the entrance to the shop is so important. The “Stokrotka” supermarket chain has decided to display “fruit and vegetables” there, and importantly, it is clear that the chain remembers to ensure that the quality of products and the level of filling the shelves should be constantly maintained at a very high level.

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Carrefour & Beer - the beer category is one of the most important sales categories, regardless of store size

02 April 2019

At Carrefour Polska hypermarkets, we found very well-thought-out POS material, developing the retailer's expertise in the beer category, while at the same time referring to current consumer trends. Communication emphasizes the naturalness of the product, through the use of the wooden background and shelves, the visualization of a copper-brewing installation and good quality beer, which should be created on the basis of 3 main components of water, hop and malt.

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Biedronka versus Dino

13 November 2018

Many people see discounters as the best dealers in the retail market in FMCG.

Meanwhile, the Polish Dino supermarket chain once again grew faster than its discount competitors. The most reliable results, ie the increase in sales of LfL (on the stores existing 12 months back) for the third quarter for Dino amounted to + 8.6% respectively, and for Biedronka "only" + 0.8%. We have a hypothesis that the current increase in LfL Dino may not result from better management of the store itself, but from 2 other things:

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Supermarket Chain "Delikatesy Centrum" BTL - promotional communication

23 July 2018

The answer to "Saturday's actions" of hypermarkets -10% and discounters.

Super strong promotion "you spend minimum 12 EUR, and you get a 10 kilo watermelon for 1 cent" (the value of a product is about 4,5 - 7 EUR) and much less strong BTL communication. 

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