Carrefour & Beer - the beer category is one of the most important sales categories, regardless of store size

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
02 April 2019

At Carrefour Polska hypermarkets, we found very well-thought-out POS material, developing the retailer's expertise in the beer category, while at the same time referring to current consumer trends. Communication emphasizes the naturalness of the product, through the use of the wooden background and shelves, the visualization of a copper-brewing installation and good quality beer, which should be created on the basis of 3 main components of water, hop and malt.

Carrefour & piwo - kategoria piwa to jedna z najważniejszych kategorii sprzedaży, bez względu na wielkość sklepu.

The effect was achieved without using words, but rather only an interesting idea. The project was prepared in cooperation with Asahi (Kompania Piwowarska).




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