Jack Daniel's oak barrel display

06 August 2021

Jack Daniel's BTL - the oak barrel display - perfectly supports the product and evokes the natural methods of production.

It would be an interesting test to replace the vertical blocking of products (the same product from top to bottom) with the multiplication of individual SKUs in horizontal blocks. It seems that this could increase the visibility of SKUs with less rotation and fewer faces. 

TAGI: TradeMarketing, POSM, btl, ProDisplay, Probspl, retail, jackdaniels

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Jack Daniel's in-store activation

27 February 2020

An interesting exposition of the well-known whiskey brand.

The reference to oak barrels in which these alcohols mature emphasizes the quality of the product.

TAGI: btl, whiskey, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, jackdaniels

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Jack Daniel’s store activation

14 November 2019

Premium brands, especially in the spirits segment, show their strength very clearly through the quality and size of the exposition.

Funds from the advertising budget are allocated for such a purpose.

TAGI: ProDisplay, storeactivation, alcohol, ImageRecognition, jackdaniels

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