Own-brand innovation?

08 June 2020

Own-brand innovation? Most certainly!

One such example is a very interesting cardboard stand prepared by Kaufland for their own brand "Bevola". The innovation consists of improving the visibility of products from the sides of the stand.

TAGI: btl, prodisplay, storeactivation, kaufland, bevola

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Premiumization of household chemicals

26 May 2020

Amber extract, Boutique collection and window cleaner?

An interesting example of marketing brand positioning in the premium segment – an interesting and catchy idea with amber, clear graphics and a black POSM background.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, sidolux

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3 main competitors and 1 exposition

14 May 2020

3 main competitors and 1 exposition - which one has paid for it?

Have there been any major changes to the rules of exposition? Of course not, but we can see how the lack of sales representatives or other control activities have affected the quality of expositions. A gradual return to normal competitive activity is going to be a tough challenge for a lot of big companies – the issue is cost-cutting vs. the quality of the exposition in stores.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, wawel, storeactivation, milka, wedel

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New and old market reality

11 May 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on movement, most FMCG producers have withdrawn their sales representatives from shops.

It has only been 2 months, yet we can already see how it has affected the quality of expositions. 1 additional exposition and 2 main competitors. The question is – which of them paid for it?

TAGI: lays, photorecognition, prodisplay, storeactivation, bahlsen

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12 March 2020

Maximizing the impulse to shop.

As many as two-thirds of sweets are bought impulsively, and the final product selection takes place right in front of the shelf. Well, maybe it is better to stimulate this, instead of offering the possibility to choose any flavor composition of chocolates in any individualized amount.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, sweets

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