12 March 2020

Maximizing the impulse to shop.

As many as two-thirds of sweets are bought impulsively, and the final product selection takes place right in front of the shelf. Well, maybe it is better to stimulate this, instead of offering the possibility to choose any flavor composition of chocolates in any individualized amount.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, sweets

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Impulse Zone

25 July 2019

The cash register zone in stores is often referred to as the impulse shopping zone.

100% of customers pass through it and all of them stop there quickly or for longer. The important thing is that, while being here, the customer is still open to purchasing, which makes this area different from zones which are next to the store entrance.

TAGI: Shopper, btl, probspl, impulse, sweets, bars

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