In-store POSM communication activation

28 May 2020

An interesting comparison of 2 different approaches to consumer communication on “ready to sell” packaging.

The Milka version probably reflects the effect of cost optimization by creating universal packaging, produced on a large scale. The Wawel version, on the other hand, is an approach focusing on maximizing brand communication at the point of sale, and is perhaps even a little too fragmented.

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, wawel, milka

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3 main competitors and 1 exposition

14 May 2020

3 main competitors and 1 exposition - which one has paid for it?

Have there been any major changes to the rules of exposition? Of course not, but we can see how the lack of sales representatives or other control activities have affected the quality of expositions. A gradual return to normal competitive activity is going to be a tough challenge for a lot of big companies – the issue is cost-cutting vs. the quality of the exposition in stores.

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, wawel, storeactivation, milka, wedel

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04 June 2018

The center of Warsaw, the Żabka store, claim to be best Convenience Store Chain. The Wawel stand located next to the cash register, and Mars products on the best shelf.

TAGI: mars, roi, zabka, wawel

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