Russian Vodka in-store activation

11 February 2020

Brands that aspire to reach premium status, especially in the strong spirits segment, must emphasize their strength through the quality and size of their expositions.

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, alcohol, spirits, russianvodka

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Baczewski store activation

05 December 2019

A very interesting exposition of Baczewski Whiskey, distributed by Ambra.

It is part of the reactivation of the old Polish strong alcohol brand, produced before World War II in Lviv.

TAGI: whiskey, photorecognition, prodisplay, storeactivation, alcohol, baczewski

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Jack Daniel’s store activation

14 November 2019

Premium brands, especially in the spirits segment, show their strength very clearly through the quality and size of the exposition.

Funds from the advertising budget are allocated for such a purpose.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, alcohol, imagerecognition, jackdaniels

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Bacardi store activation

07 November 2019

Outstanding exposition is very important for brands in the strong alcohol segment.

It replaces advertising and builds brand strength.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, bacardi, alcohol, imagerecognition

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