Żywiec Group (Heineken) non-alcoholic beer in-store activation

28 July 2020

Another year in which, for many beer producers, non-alcoholic beer generates the greatest opportunity to increase sales across the entire company.

New customers, new occasions to drink (e.g. drivers), better taste and the quality of non-alcoholic products translate into exposition priorities in shops.

TAGI: TradeMarketing, zywiec, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, fmcg, heineken, grupazywiec

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Warka (Heineken) In-store activation

14 July 2020

Beer in the store during summer means high rotation, but only on the condition that proper stock levels and a distinctive display are provided.

If we can take it one step further beyond the beer zone using secondary placement, we have the perfect in-store activation.

TAGI: TradeMarketing, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, fmcg, heineken, grupazywiec, warka

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PURE & Distinctive in-store communication

07 July 2020

CEDC's trade marketing has prepared very interesting paper stands to support the introduction of its new product from the "Rajskie Smaki" series.

It is worth emphasizing the very simple, visually attractive communication to the shopper, which is also consistent with the brand.

TAGI: TradeMarketing, cedc, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, fmcg

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Perfect in-store activation

30 June 2020

The Schogetten trade marketing department has prepared a perfectly refined exposition of its chocolates.

Due to the tilting of the boxes, the products are displayed in such a way that the communication impact of the packaging fronts is multiplied.

TAGI: TradeMarketing, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, fmcg, schogetten

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Carrefour in-store activation

25 June 2020

Unusual this time, because it is not about the POSM, but support for the store’s image and its offer at the level of the exposition itself.

Research on shoppers shows that one of the most important product categories for the image of product quality in stores is “fruit and vegetables”. The quality of products is one thing, but putting fruit and vegetables in wicker baskets dramatically strengthens shoppers’ perception of them as fresh and natural.

TAGI: TradeMarketing, carrefour, ProDisplay, InStoreActivation, fmcg

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