Carlsberg in-store activation

29 April 2020

The introduction of a manufacturer-branded beer fridge in the largest discount chain is a huge success.

This is probably a project designed for shops located in tourist destinations. However, even such a great success requires additional supervision to ensure its effectiveness.

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Chopin Vodka in-store activation

17 April 2020

In the previous post, we incorrectly assigned the ownership of the Chopin brand which in fact belongs to Podlaska Wytwórnia Wódek "Polmos" S.A.

However, we invariably emphasize that the photo below shows the example of an amazing exposition. The use of piano refers to the namesake of the brand – Frederic Chopin. A consistent exposition, exclusive in every dimension. 

TAGI: btl, prodisplay, instoreactivation, chopinvodka, polmos

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Lindt in-store activation & brand building

09 April 2020

In order to take a break from the current situation, today we would like to talk about the BTL of one of the most pleasant product groups - chocolate.


We hope that some endorphins (the happiness hormone) will be released to your brain while you watch the attached video. That is how good marketing works at the point of sale – all you need to do is activate the customer’s senses and his brain will do the rest – and if the product is nearby…

TAGI: prodisplay, instoreactivation, lindt

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Carlsberg “Kasztelan” beer store activation

10 March 2020

Once again it turned out that the idea is the foundation of marketing.

In order to support the image of local, unpasteurized beer, a pallet wrap coated with fabric resembling a jute sack was used as a part of the exposition.

TAGI: trademarketing, btl, prodisplay, instoreactivation, beer, carlsberg

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Jack Daniel's in-store activation

27 February 2020

An interesting exposition of the well-known whiskey brand.

The reference to oak barrels in which these alcohols mature emphasizes the quality of the product.

TAGI: btl, whiskey, prodisplay, instoreactivation, jackdaniels

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