Promo Mix in Carrefour France

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
24 March 2019

In France, wine is the target category, which can be seen both by the size of the shelves, the width of the range, but also by the size of the promotional expositions.

It is interesting that, compared to other categories, wine promotion exhibitions are practically devoid of brand POSM communication. At the same time, as part of the promotional island, Shopper will find a huge mix of products from the cheapest wine to expensive champagne.

The most interesting is the multiplication of promotional mechanisms used on such a small area. Next to each other we will find "1 + 1 Free", "Buy 2 For A Better Price", "Buy 1, And The Second With Extra Discount", "Leaflet Product", "Extra Price For 1 Product". This may make it difficult for Shoppers to make a purchase decision.

Carrefour_France Promo MIX-1

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