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Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
21 July 2022

In choosing PRO.Display, you gain more than a cutting-edge photo recognition tool and implementation process.

By implementing a project with us, you gain many years of expertise and the market knowledge of PRO.Display experts. Thanks to their experience, they can be a true partner in any conversation about your growth opportunities.

 Business requires the highest understanding and appreciation of the challenges inherent in the FMCG industry. Our experts bring this value right from the start. Contrary to the frequently encountered consulting model, they do not get to know the characteristics of the business during the project itself - they are aware of such needs through their own experience.

One of the experts that our clients have a chance to meet while carrying out projects with us is Piotr Chrobok. Thanks to his vast business experience, Piotr perfectly understands the needs and challenges of both retail and production companies and uses this knowledge to support his clients through each step of the PRO.Display implementation process.

We encourage you to check out his bio below.

BIO Expertów - PRO.Display - NOWY - PCH - POPR


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