ROI on an exposition

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
24 September 2019

In business RETURN ON INVESTMENT is one of the most important parameters which verifies the real quality of Trade Marketing and the Sales Department’s work.

Display stands in the cash register zone are a great example. This is the most important area for impulse product Producers, and at the same time it generates some of the highest costs. Where do these costs come from?

Retailers are also aware of the importance of this place for Producers; hence they often expect high fees for such placement. An additional condition for the largest manufacturers is the requirement to prepare a cash register zone display unit, covering a set of sample products and at the same time adapted to the specifics of the individual store chain. It also generates high costs.

Producers often introduce POSM materials and sometimes even LCD screens to increase the efficiency of such expositions. Due to the accumulation of costs, achieving a positive ROI requires additional attention in terms of the actual presence of both products and selected ads on the LCD screen.

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In this case, the stock on the racks met the set minimum, whereas 4 SKUs were missing. In addition, the expensive LCD screen was turned off and BTL support had disappeared. These exposition parameters are currently controlled using applications such as PRO.Display, which use Artificial Intelligence. It identifies the indicated details of the exposition with the use of photos.

If you'd like to download the high resolution photos click: photo1

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