Does Pet Trade have different BTL rules?

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
17 September 2019

This is an important question because the target group is quite different.

However, in this sales channel you must clearly differentiate between a Consumer and a Shopper. Shoppers are simply people. They are driven by the same trends and expectations as when they buy products for themselves. There are people who know what is best for them and they ignore it, but when it comes to their pet they do not compromise since they are ruled by emotions and a sense of responsibility.

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Pet food producers prominently display vegetable or cereal supplements on their products in reference to the trend towards healthy nutrition – yet such items are not naturally eaten by dogs at all. They count on simple associations of "healthy diet" and "healthy supplements", which are easily understood by less aware customers. That kind of product positioning should also be enhanced with POSM materials such as a wooden stand, because could there be anything more natural than wood?

As in any other stores, the same trade marketers’ battle applies in pet stores and its rules are exactly the same. Brand Activation Tasting own label brand products

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