"Category captain" in Pet Trade

21 January 2020

"Category captain" is a concept which identifies a company that sets standards in its own product category. This applies to the level of new product solutions as well as the way they are displayed.

TAGI: trademarketing, prodisplay, probspl, instoreactivation, pettrade, bayer

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Pet Trade ROI on a stand

09 January 2020

Communication with the customer is very important for all producers.

Hence LCD screens sometimes appear next to expositions. The idea is perfect, combining the product, communication, point of sale and the shopper in one place.

TAGI: photorecognition, storeactivation, pettrade, furminator

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Innovation in Pet Trade

17 October 2019

It turns out that we can even find inspiration in an innovative approach to the sales market in pet shops.

The "My Family" Brand has introduced an entire concept of selling their "identifiers" for pets. Wanting to sell products with a higher margin, they have drawn on the experience of jewellers. They have designed a "more expensive" line of ID tags, even with Swarovski crystals, ready for personalization thanks to the installation of an engraving machine, which you can program yourself, in their shops as part of the set.

TAGI: storeactivation, pettrade, myfamily, innovation

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Bayer in Pet Trade

08 October 2019

Bayer in Pet Trade - Bayer, which we all know from pharmacies and veterinary clinics, is also active in pet shops.

In addition to the obvious desire to distinguish its own products at the point of sale, Bayer has an additional challenge in pet shops - legal regulations which require that the product cannot be directly available to customers and only professionally trained personnel may make it available. It turns out that even such big challenges were not an obstacle in preparing a great exposition stand.

TAGI: prodisplay, storeactivation, pettrade, bayer

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Does Pet Trade have different BTL rules?

17 September 2019

This is an important question because the target group is quite different.

However, in this sales channel you must clearly differentiate between a Consumer and a Shopper. Shoppers are simply people. They are driven by the same trends and expectations as when they buy products for themselves. There are people who know what is best for them and they ignore it, but when it comes to their pet they do not compromise since they are ruled by emotions and a sense of responsibility.

TAGI: POSM, probspl, instoreactivation, pettrade

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