The role of BTL

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
12 October 2021

A modest and simple stand from YOPE, which refers to the ingredients of the product and its naturalness.

It is in line with the style of the product packaging layout.

The role of BTL is to support the product by providing information about its features or benefits. In this case, besides the subliminal message, the stand builds its communication on hashtags. It's a very interesting approach but is it enough for lesser-known brands nowadays? A shopper's reluctance to search for content about low-engagement categories can be an obstacle. Perhaps it will be more effective when we are fully synchronized with the internet, e.g., with the use of AR smart glasses. It may also be a good approach for well-known brands.

With additional expositions like these, placement and quality control are also very important. This can be easily done with AI and Photo Recognition systems such as PRO.Display.

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If you'd like to download high resolution photos of this exposition, click here: photo1 , photo2

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