Jack Daniel's oak barrel display

06 August 2021

Jack Daniel's BTL - the oak barrel display - perfectly supports the product and evokes the natural methods of production.

It would be an interesting test to replace the vertical blocking of products (the same product from top to bottom) with the multiplication of individual SKUs in horizontal blocks. It seems that this could increase the visibility of SKUs with less rotation and fewer faces. 

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, btl, prodisplay, probspl, retail, jackdaniels

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Promo vs. Regular Sales

22 April 2021

The promotional exposition should definitely stand out and attract the shopper's attention.

However, the stand should not interfere with the shopper's path and block access to shelves with regular products.
Check out our video and learn more.

HubSpot Video

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, photorecognition, prodisplay, fmcg

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Pernod Ricard cardboard stand

15 April 2021

An interesting example of a multi-brand exposition. As we can see, a cardboard stand can also be premium quality.

The black color and suitable graphics make this posm stand look very classy and elegant.

TAGI: POSM, photorecognition, prodisplay, retail, aiinretail, ai

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AJAX in-store activation

29 September 2020

A simple and practical display prepared by Colgate-Palmolive’s trade marketing department.

The stand is made from cardboard and it provides visibility and access to the products from all sides. The exposition also includes a small but very important element that influences the level of sales, namely the price tag.

TAGI: POSM, prodisplay, instoreactivation, fmcg

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In-store theatre

10 September 2020

How to transform the store into your own stage?

Check out the video with examples of in-store theatre expositions.

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, prodisplay, fmcg, instoretheatre

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