Pepsi in-store activation

06 May 2020

Building an effective promotional message at the point of sale is a huge challenge.

It often turns out that the simplest solutions can be very effective.

TAGI: pepsi, cocacola, prodisplay, instoreactivation

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BTL Shape does matter

11 June 2019

The struggle to gain Shoppers’ attention at the store takes various forms.

While creating POSM, Trade Marketers often focus on colors, catchy slogans or proper placement.

TAGI: Shopper, pepsi, cocacola, POSM, btl, probspl, storeactivation

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Shopper Marketing POS stands

08 February 2019

While fighting for the attention of the shopper in the store using POS Materials, we can accent the Promo Price, Picture, Text, but we can also distinguish Shape of our materials.

TAGI: stand, Shopper, lays, pepsi, POS, trademarketing, cocacola

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"It's time to start the championship" - Carrefour Warsaw and 2 promotional displays of the leaders of carbonated drinks.

08 May 2018

This time, Pepsi wins 2-0. Its exhibition was set in a "promotional avenue" at the entrance to the hypermarket, and Coca Cola landed in the farthest corner, for drinks which means that statistically 100% buyers will pass Pepsi's exhibition, and only around 15-20% with CC.

TAGI: pepsi, cocacola, carrefour, display

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