In-store theatre in duty-free zone

09 November 2021

A performance in which a retailer tries to draw the shopper's attention to specific products.

A very interesting example of in-store theatre found in the duty-free zone. This exposition uses the concept of a stage to present products as the stars of the show. The effect is emphasized by subtle backlighting, clear communication and POSM. It catches the eye and increases the visibility of the products. The price tags have also not been forgotten.

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TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, btl, prodisplay, probspl, fmcg, instoretheatre

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In-store theatre

10 September 2020

How to transform the store into your own stage?

Check out the video with examples of in-store theatre expositions.

TAGI: trademarketing, POSM, prodisplay, fmcg, instoretheatre

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