In-store execution quality

21 May 2020

1 exposition, 3 brands?

While multi-brand expositions sometimes occur, in this particular situation shoppers saw the end of 3 different promotions located on 1 cardboard stand. Even worse, the Bahlsen stand was supposed to support 2 limited edition SKUs, which can be seen at the communication level (very interestingly).

TAGI: photorecognition, prodisplay, instoreactivation, ferrero, bahlsen

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Nutella brand activation

28 January 2020

Could anything be more Italian, and more consistent with brand building?

We have a product, for multiple use, and also “a certain something” – elusive and immeasurable, yet perceptible. And for sure, one cannot fail to notice such an exposition.

TAGI: trademarketing, prodisplay, ferrero, brandactivation, nutella

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ROI of an Exposition by Ferrero

10 December 2019

One of the methods of increasement of exposition's ROI (return of investment) is maximizing sales from a given location. 

Ferrero found an interesting way to achieve this goal. They used a cardboard stand divided between 3 brands. 

TAGI: prodisplay, probspl, instoreactivation, kinder, ferrero, nutella, tictac

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Ferrero store activation

24 October 2019

We found a rare situation which we encountered in Lidl very interesting.

It was about Ferrero’s exposition in the checkout area, and more specifically its size. Such big expositions with such big POSM usually appear in hypermarkets. Interestingly, in terms of the size of this exposition, the product stock is relatively small, despite the fact that as many as 4 SKUs appeared on it.

TAGI: lidl, prodisplay, probspl, kinder, ferrero, storeactivation

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Kinder Surprise & Chupa Chups

30 April 2019

Both Ferrero and Perfetti van Melle take great care of their product exposition in stores.

Some of their products even compete for the same shopper. When it comes to products made for children, producers try to draw kids’ attention to their products at all costs.

TAGI: Shopper, btl, probspl, instore, kinder, perfetti, chupachups, ferrero

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