Coca Cola Energy in-store activation

02 June 2020

In 2019 Coca Cola introduced something new on the energy drinks market under its own umbrella brand.

This year, their presence in shops is strengthened with interesting stands for canned drinks, which allow the exposition to go beyond the drinks category. It increases the number of potential connections with shoppers and additionally hits their target through expositions of complementary categories.

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Pepsi in-store activation

06 May 2020

Building an effective promotional message at the point of sale is a huge challenge.

It often turns out that the simplest solutions can be very effective.

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Coca-Cola display

04 February 2020

The display must be conspicuous, as well as fitting as many products as possible, giving the shopper more choice, and should be easy to merchandise.

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Mars, Haribo and Coca Cola in strong alcoholic beverages?

19 December 2019

Recently, news about the entry of Coca Cola into the strong alcohol distribution market in Poland has circulated.

So, does the attached photo suggest similar actions by the Mars and Haribo brands?

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Coca-Cola & Costa Coffee

16 July 2019

In 2019 the takeover of the Costa chain by Coca-Cola was finalized and the first results of this acquisition have already appeared in stores.

In the best places inside Coca-Cola fridges, next to the flagship product of the group, we can find now cans of coffee drinks with the Costa logo.

TAGI: cocacola, probspl, instoreactivation, costa

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