Open Sesame!

06 August 2020

Promo Island - A 360° display that groups promotions and provides easy access to the products from all sides.

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Coca-Cola & Fanta Frozen

09 July 2020

Seasons change and so do the offers of many refreshment brands.

Check out a very interesting example of seasonal portfolio extension by Coca-Cola. In Poland, the offer is available only at CircleK petrol stations as a part of the „Summer Hits” campaign.

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TAGI: trademarketing, cocacola, circlek, fmcg, innovation, fanta

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Orlen Digital POSM

02 July 2020

Digital POSM is becoming more common in convenience stores and at petrol stations.

It brings many advantages and new possibilities. With the use of AI, stores could tailor the offer even more. The future is right around the corner.

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TAGI: orlen, circlek, ai, digitalposm, petrol

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SYNERGY in In-Store Activation

16 June 2020

Mutual strengthening of activity at the point of sale.

Asahi, together with the marketing department of the Tyskie brand, have prepared a model expositor for a well-known brand, with strong ATL support.

TAGI: prodisplay, asahi, instoreactivation, circlek, tyskie

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Circle K - food offer expansion

01 August 2019

Gas stations put a lot of money into the sales of off-fuel products. One such category which additionally increases the attractiveness of visits to petrol stations is fresh food. Currently, gas stations are developing much faster than fast food chains such as McDonald's, Burger King or KFC.

TAGI: probspl, circlek, food, fastfood

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