Second placement - Żubrówka in Carrefour

27 November 2018

How to build visibility at the point of sale?

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POSM in Carrefour

15 October 2018

In Carrefour hypermarkets, we can find interesting POSM materials that keep the balance of visibility vs quality vs price.

These are cardboard gates, navigating customers to selected categories. To increase the effect of "navigation", they have the communication of the strongest brands from particular categories in the alley.

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Coca Cola vs. Pepsi - World Cup Russia at Carrefour in Warsaw

07 June 2018

19/06/2018, the absolute peak of Polish fans engagement and two different approaches of beverage companies at the level of shopper communication. Coca Cola has been consistently building it around the World Championships for over 1.5 months, recently adding pallet displays to TV and game consoles and very extensive, backlight POS materials. Meanwhile, Pepsi, after a very big "football offensive" just before the Championships, came back to promote a new variant of "Pepsi lime". Of course, we're talking about what the shopper sees. The reason for this may be: a conscious marketing decision or the prosaic depletion of "football" POS materials after an intense campaign in May. From the marketing pespective, Pepsi won the qualifiers, and Coca Cola, consistently spreading the "football" accents for the action lasting two months, became the "Master" of the finals.

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"It's time to start the championship" - Carrefour Warsaw and 2 promotional displays of the leaders of carbonated drinks.

08 May 2018

This time, Pepsi wins 2-0. Its exhibition was set in a "promotional avenue" at the entrance to the hypermarket, and Coca Cola landed in the farthest corner, for drinks which means that statistically 100% buyers will pass Pepsi's exhibition, and only around 15-20% with CC.

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Carrefour fits perfectly into the products seasonality and the fight for the attention of the Shopper

19 March 2018

The offer of flower bulbs has appeared in hypermarkets, but it is new to sell it by weight. A great idea, and additionally supported by great price - for the cheapest we'll pay 1.90 euro per kg.

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