SYNERGY in In-Store Activation

16 June 2020

Mutual strengthening of activity at the point of sale.

Asahi, together with the marketing department of the Tyskie brand, have prepared a model expositor for a well-known brand, with strong ATL support.

TAGI: prodisplay, asahi, instoreactivation, circlek, tyskie

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Beer pallet expositions

21 March 2019

Beer is one of the most important categories for each store.

In super- and hypermarkets, pallet expositions are typical secondary placements of beer. The display size is not enough to be visible to the Shopper in this environment. In-store activation is a huge challenge for producers’ Trade Marketing departments. Asahi (Kompania Piwowarska) shows us that it can be done.

TAGI: Shopper, trademarketing, asahi, kompaniapiwowarska, probspl, instoreactivation

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