PRO.Display Expert's comment – finding the key KPIs to measure is crucial

Distribution and exposition are among the most critical parameters that sales departments in every company are accountable for.

Of course, the main goal is to maximize product sales, since eventually the shopper has to see our product on the shelf to buy it. To achieve this, the product must be in an easily accessible place, in the correct quantity, and with a visible price tag.
Most companies want to know everything there is to know about the situation of their products in stores in order to evaluate the sales department, as well as to consciously plan their own actions and allocate investments. Keeping in mind the 80/20 Pareto rule, the trick is to focus on that 20% of the most important KPIs which will generate 80% of additional effects. 
It is not easy, since the temptation to control everything at the same time is natural, and most of the producers we have the pleasure of working with have a broad or even a very broad portfolio.
That is why, when starting PRO.Display projects with our clients, in many cases we try to support them in determining an appropriate range of KPIs to examine, in accordance with management efficiency. Thanks to our extensive business experience gained while working with the market’s leading companies, combined with lessons learned during numerous Photo Recognition and PRO.Display projects, we have everything it takes to be a great partner in such an undertaking. Together with our clients, we first establish the key set of parameters to examine, we develop the corresponding control processes, and then we not only share the results but also add our own conclusions and recommendations. Many completed projects and their medium- & long-term effects have confirmed that it is worth focusing on the most important parameters and that such an approach pays off. At the same time, it gives us space to gradually expand the implemented projects and work together on further KPIs. k_tokarz_experts comment


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