Nemiroff and Kinley - Cross Sales

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
10 June 2021

A way to increase sales based on mutual support for products shared by two well-known brands and, interestingly, different companies.

Vodka + tonic is probably not a surprising combination, but a joint exposition could well be.

Stand with complementary products - vodka and tonic

In addition, both brands have displayed 3 SKUs, that were flavor-matched with each other in terms of ready-made drinks, the recipes of which are presented in the BTL communication on the display stand. This exposition is interesting, distinctive, and builds penetration of the products among the target groups of both brands and increases the frequency of their use.

This stand was identified during our exposition audits with the use of PRO.Display.

If you'd like to download high resolution photos of this Cross Sales exposition click: photo1, photo2photo3

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