Mars & Milky Way expansion through complementary categories

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
05 September 2019

We all know the Mars and Milky Way chocolate bars.

Over the years, the subsequent expansion of the product offer has consisted of adding more types of chocolate bar, and over time ice cream bars as well, followed by cooled milk drinks.

At the same time, capsule coffee machines have appeared and strengthened their position in the coffee category. This new type of machine ensures coffee of repetitive high quality combined with ease of use.

Currently, Mars also offers capsules with drinks which are similar in taste to Mars and Milky Way chocolate bars.


It is a combination of entry into a new product category and building a continuation of the offer for adult customers who have already grown out of chocolate bars. It greatly expands the presence of those brands in the store, builds the image of innovative products and expands the target group.

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