Food store quality

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
10 October 2019

When it comes to expositions, it turns out that there are a few simple steps which owners of grocery stores can take to influence the overall perception of their offer.

Studies show that there are several selected product categories which customers perceive as an indicator of the quality of the offer. These are mainly fresh products such as “fruit and vegetables”, “meat and cold cuts” , “bread” and “dairy”. Obviously, the sooner the customer appreciates the quality of the shop, the better. That is why the exposition at the entrance to the shop is so important. The “Stokrotka” supermarket chain has decided to display “fruit and vegetables” there, and importantly, it is clear that the chain remembers to ensure that the quality of products and the level of filling the shelves should be constantly maintained at a very high level.


Perhaps the only element that could improve the exposition would be to introduce natural materials such as wood or wicker on the walls at the base of the exposition instead of a dull grey color, even in the form of a print. This would emphasize the naturalness and freshness of the offer on a subliminal level.

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