COTY confirmed the utility of PRO.Display

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
15 September 2022

We are very glad to inform that PRO.Display has received highly favourable references from our long-time Client, whom we have been supporting as part of the ongoing control of in-store expositions since 2015.

During this time we have controlled over 355,000 KPIs, providing COTY with
reliable data.
The implementation of the PRO.Display application also allowed the Client to reduce the time of a sales representative's in-store visit by 20%.
 We know that the most important evidence attesting to the quality of our services is the feedback from our Clients, based on the results of joint projects. This is why these references are of great importance to us and make us so proud. We are very thankful for this distinction.
 Also, kudos to the entire team involved in the ongoing support of this project - keep up the good work!


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