Bayer in Pet Trade

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
08 October 2019

Bayer in Pet Trade - Bayer, which we all know from pharmacies and veterinary clinics, is also active in pet shops.

In addition to the obvious desire to distinguish its own products at the point of sale, Bayer has an additional challenge in pet shops - legal regulations which require that the product cannot be directly available to customers and only professionally trained personnel may make it available. It turns out that even such big challenges were not an obstacle in preparing a great exposition stand.


It meets all the criteria for a super exposition - it’s visible from a distance thanks to the usage of lightning in the interior; all materials used are nice and aesthetically pleasing; the Bayer logo is visible from a distance; the entire display is enclosed with a transparent door; there is a space for leaflets on the side; and it can be both a counter and floor stand, which increases its versatility.

If you'd like to download the high resolution photos click: photo1



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