…And the word became the image

Wiktor Miałkowski
Wiktor Miałkowski
28 December 2021

While PRO.Display uses AI (Photo Recognition) to verify the KPIs of in-store expositions, others use it for a variety of different tasks.

Today we will look at an example from NVidia, which gives Artificial Intelligence the role of a creator rather than an analyst of existing data.

GauGAN2 is an AI-powered app capable of transforming complex text descriptions into realistic images of landscapes - in real-time, no less! It is also possible to modify the generated picture with a drawing tool - AI incorporates these changes into the realistic picture too. The images created by AI are editable and can be further developed if necessary, so this tool can be used as a starting point for creators.

This is all made possible by training the algorithm using millions of landscape photos. It’s the same solution that enables AI within PRO.Display to control product expositions based on photos from stores.


TAGS: photorecognition, prodisplay, ai, nvidia, artificialintelligence